Volunteer Positions, 2021 – 2022

HMBHS Grad Night, as a small non-profit, always needs volunteers but especially, this year! After the pandemic, we have to rebuild our volunteer base from parents and the community to ensure that Grad Night will be there for the 2022 grads and beyond. Any help you can provide will help us make Grad Night 2022 a success!
There are positions with time commitments in the fall, and others in the spring. Some positions take just 4 hours of work on a single day, and others require a few hours of time each month. Many positions can be shared with a friend. Check out where and what we need help with. Interested? Volunteer or ask questions here. Sign up here for the committee position of your choice.


President (1): Robyn Souza + 1 OPEN for 2021-22 (Dawn Novarina, mentor)
Tracks schedule and deadlines; leads monthly meetings; helps Volunteer committee recruit for open positions. Other “presidential” tasks as needed. Preferably 2 presidents co-chair, backed by mentor. Mostly follow ups on committee business via email & chair once a month meetings. Extra time as needed in May and June.
Time commitment: Meetings plus 1 to 2 hours per month

Pumpkin Festival Poster Hanging (1): 1 OPEN for 2021-22
Yes, this is for next fall (2022). This person coordinates and assists the volunteers and students who distribute and hang P-Fest posters around the Coastside and beyond. Your work is completed by the Labor Day weekend, the day the posters distribution needs to be finished. P-Fest management donates $2500 to Grad Night for this task.
Time commitment: August and up to Labor Day weekend

Donation Coordinator (1): 1 OPEN for 2021-22
Coordinates & manages donation letter/email to potential donors. (Letters are mailed late November – early December). Most collections are done by the end of the year with a few trickling in after the holidays.
Time commitment: ~3 to 4 hours during November – December.

Silent Auction & Raffle co-chairs (6): Christine Armstrong + multiple OPEN for 2019-20
Coordinates & manages the Spring Silent Auction event with established venue and donor list. This is the primary source of funds for our party!! The Auction date is April 15. Everything you do would happen before this date. You would not be busy during graduation time.
Time commitment: January to early April

Recording Secretary (1): 1 OPEN for 2021-22
Records and distributes minutes for monthly committee meeting. Manages correspondence for committee affairs. Take minutes at each 1 to 1.5-hour monthly meeting. No time required after the last meeting in May.
Time commitment: ~ Meeting plus 1 hour each month.

Correspondence Secretary (1): 1 OPEN for 2021-22
Manages correspondence for committee affairs. Responsible for thank you letters to donors.
Time commitment: Less than 1 hour each month, December – April

Web, Database, Files, Permits & Transition (1): Dawn Novarina
Oversees website, file management, digital notes and archives for committee, responsible for transitioning information to new committee chairs and members; backup for committee co-presidents if needed.
Time commitment: As needed throughout school year.

PR/Marketing (1): 1 OPEN for 2021-22
Publicity for spreading the word about GradNight. Works closely with the admissions committee assisting in getting the word out to sell Grad Night tickets. Also assists with publicity on the Auction and for volunteers for the Event itself. Spread the word for future committee members to join in and help! Requires some emailing and communications with local newspaper, admissions to publicize and reach target audience (students, parents & volunteers).
Time commitment: February to June, 3 hours per month

Admissions (2): Erin Bautista + 1 OPEN for 2021-22
Co-chairs manage & track ticket sales, coordinating the sales of Grad Night tickets beginning on the first day of registration at school up until the week before the event. Works closely with PR/Marketing and other volunteers to reach seniors and manage advertising. Most ticketing is digital, done through the website or at registration. We sell tickets at different prices throughout the school year and up until a week before the event.
Time commitment: 4 -5 hours per month, August (registration) and March to June.

Admissions Registration/check-in (1): 1 OPEN for 2021-22
Order registration supplies (May), creates badges and is in charge of check-in on the night of the event (9-10:30).
Time commitment: May to June, 3-4 hours per month

Decorations (6): Jan McFarland + 2 OPEN + 3 Official Helpers OPEN for 2021-22
Manages the event theme with decorations. We have our co-chairs, just 3 official helpers needed here. More helpers join in as needed throughout the planning and on the day of the event. Theme is chosen by January, and decorations planning begins in early Feb, and on-off through June event.
Time commitment: February to June, 4-5 hours/month.

Memory Lane (1): OPEN for 2021-22
Oversees the Memory Lane display that families put together to reminisce their Senior’s school life. Notifies and encourages parents on Memory Lane collages over the last 3 months of the school year; collects collages from UPS Store beginning of graduation week and organizes the display and late submissions up to the day of the event, and final organization on the Event day.
Time commitment: April and May ~1 hour per month; 5-6 hours in June.

Mail boxes (1): OPEN for 2021-22
Collects notes and letters from family members to each senior for them to find in their mailbox at the party. Encourages families to create notes to their grads over the last 2 months of the school year. Picks up all letters at high school on the day of Event and distributes letters to the GradNight mailboxes.
Time commitment: May and June ~1 hour per month plus ~ 2-3 hours the day of Event.

Food (2): OPEN for 2021-22
Purchase, request donations and coordinate food needs for the party. Oversees food, setup, donations pickup and the volunteer schedule for the day and night of the event.
Time commitment: April to June, ~3-4 hours per month plus 3-4 hours the day of event.

Prizes (2): 2 OPEN for 2021-22 (Muff Donner, mentor)
Do you like to shop? There is a big budget for many great prizes the grads can win. These co-chairs purchase the prizes and bring them to the event when we set up (shopping can start at any time to take advantage of discounts, prior to Black Friday online or in stores). Shopping sales online and in-person as needed. Setup and coordinate prize room display on the day of the event. Schedule volunteers for prize room and wheel.
Time commitment: as needed to complete shopping plus 2-3 hours day of event.

Entertainment (2): OPEN for 2021-22
Coordinates the GradNight party entertainment using existing vendors or new vendors as appropriate. Finds talent and party fun and oversees vendors and contracts. Collect options for the party and coordinate vendor contracts as needed and coordinate with decorations committee as needed.
Time Commitment: 1 hour per month, January – June, 4-5 hours on night of Event.

Security (1): 1 OPEN for 2021-22
Only a couple of meetings and Grad Night event itself. A Security chair is there all night. You are the first contact with Security volunteers. You meet them, give them their assignments and are the point person for making sure everyone monitors their posts.
Time commitment: Last two meetings and NIGHT OF THE EVENT. Approx 9pm to 5am.

Volunteer Coordinators (2):2 OPEN for 2021-22
This team recruits volunteers for committee positions and for the event itself. Recruitment include emails, posting on Nextdoor, working with business and school groups to contact their members, work with Publicity to get Review coverage of volunteer need.
Time commitment: March to June, 1 hour per month to June, 4-5 hours the night of Event.

Take Down/Clean Up (1): 1 OPEN for 2021-22
Very Important! The volunteers who have been at the event most of the night are very tired, and the Take Down Chair coordinates the AM volunteers who complete the remaining packing and cleaning up started by the night shift. Oversees return of boxes and equipment to the shed.
Time commitment: 3-4 hours, morning after Event.

Treasurer (1): 1 OPEN for 2021-22 (Alan Olivero, mentor)
Tracks and manages the funds for GradNight using Quickbooks Online. Time commitment: 2-3 hours per month, plus some meetings.