HMBHS Grad Night 2020

To parents and the Coastside community:

It is the mission of the Grad Night committee to provide a safe, fun, and memorable experience for every senior as they celebrate together one last time on Graduation Night. We find ourselves in the very difficult position of not being able to provide this traditional experience for this year’s graduating class, the first time in 30+ years. However, we still want to provide each graduate with something memorable and meaningful to mark this major milestone in their lives. As the Silent Auction – our major funding source – was cancelled, we are reaching out to parents and the community to ask for your help. The Committee greatly appreciates any donation you can make and 100% will go towards the seniors’ gifts.


Grad Night is a nonprofit, community-sponsored event to provide the class of 2020 a safe, nonstop, once-in-a-lifetime celebration with dancing, games, food, activities, fun and prizes.