Memory Lane & Mail

Memory Lane Collages for Seniors at Grad Night

Memory Lane is a wall of pictures of graduating students at the Grad Night Party. The students have a great time looking at themselves and their friends throughout the years. Photos can include HMBHS memories, middle school/elementary school/pre-school photos, baby pictures, photos with friends, family, vacations, etc. Group shots with friends are especially appreciated by the students. They love to see how everyone has changed.

We ask that each parent put together an 11 x 17 inch collage of photos (Two 8.5 x 11 inch sheets of photocopy paper taped together side by side makes one 11 x 17 inch sheet). Here’s an example:

Memory Lane

Tape your photos to the 11×17 inch sheet all going the same direction (vertical or horizontal). Bring your collage to the UPS Store in Strawflower Village. Carlos Garcia, the owner, has once again generously offered to make copies for a discounted price of $1.00. Leave the copy at the UPS store, it will be picked up by our Memory Lane volunteers. Take your original pictures home.

Have all collages copied by the end of Monday, June 11th!!!! If you have any questions please contact Rosalie Simrock at 415-606-3275 or

Mailboxes for Seniors at Grad Night

There are mailboxes for seniors at Grad Night.You can leave a note or card for your Senior. Do not leave money or gift cards as these are not secure mailboxes. There are two places you can drop off your notes and cards: in the GradNight container in the school office beginning Tuesday, June 12 or at the IDES Hall on Wednesday, June 13 or Thursday, June 14. There will be a volunteer assigned to receiving mail for the graduates at the IDES Hall on Wednesday and Thursday, and you can drop off mail on either day. Again, please note: do not include money, gift cards or valuables in cards as the mailboxes are not secure.