HMB Pumpkin Festival Poster Distribution

What to do, How to do it, Fall 2023

Goal: blanket your area with posters and brochures. We want them everywhere people go on the coast –
businesses (retail, offices, etc.), post offices, schools, libraries, community centers, office complexes, hotels, motels, restaurants, banks, stores and shops of all kinds ––pretty much everywhere except residences. The Pumpkin Festival Committee makes random checks and expects to find posters and brochures all over HMB as well as up and down the coastside. Questions? Call, text or email: 650-438-7937,

How Many? 1-2 posters should be enough for most locations, but put up more if they allow it and you feel it’s worth it.

Where? It’s all about location – try to put the posters in the most visible spot available at each location.

  • Make sure the posters are straight (not crooked) and tape each corner so they stay up.
  • You can put up two posters back-to-back if the location can be seen from the outside and inside.
  • Put them up yourself if at all possible ––if you just hand them over, the poster may not get up.
  • Leave brochures at locations where people will see and pick them up (post offices, stores, coffee shops are good examples). Use your good judgment.

How Soon? ASAP. Your area needs to be completed by September 15. After that and up to the Pumpkin Festival (Oct. 14-15) check your area once a week, replace any posters that have gone missing and add brochures as needed.

Report: As soon as you’ve completed your area, text me so I will know. If you run into any problems, or have any information that would help the person who covers your area next year, please let me know.

Supplies: If you run out of posters, brochures, tape or pushpins, text me what you need and I will drop off more that you can pick up at the high school.

Hours: Track your time and make sure my email ( is included. Your time starts when you begin putting up posters and ends when you have finished the area (or areas) you signed up for. If you signed up for an area you have to drive to (e.g., Pacifica, San Gregorio), include your travel time there.

If for any reason you can’t complete what you signed up for, let me know as soon as you know!